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Here is where I will post up profiles and information about the characters that will appear. More info will be released as the storyline progresses x3

Akia Tsubaki


Sex: Male
Age: 15
Hair: Light brown
Eye color: Green

Akia is a simple-minded boy. He doesn't get too angry at pretty much anyone except his older brother and he's always happy. Though He can be oblivious at times which eventually leads him and everyone else into a bit of trouble. He secretly has a crush on Lia in the beginning of the story but slowly leans towards a more different ... species?

Sou Tsubaki


Sex: Male
Age: 32
Hair: Dark Blue
Eye color: Red

Sou is Akia's Father. A pretty young father at that too. He's level-headed and keeps calm about almost anything even when things seem to get tough, but he can be extremely sensitive when it comes to the topic of "falling in love" or "Akia's mom". He was originally a wolf, but when the blue moon appears he immediately switches forms.



Sex: Female
Age: 28
Hair: Scarlet
Eye color: Pink Red

Info will be revealed later

More Characters will pop up once I finish their pictures @_@

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